September 16, 2010

Galindo Family Update It's been about 12 days since we moved to Philadelphia. It's been such a whirlwind! Our last Sunday at COTK was awesome! I was blown away by how honored we felt. Our family there made it such a special day.<br><br>On Aug 25th the adoption of Nick &amp; Rosie was FINAL! We celebrated with friends and family and then dedicated them to Jesus on that last Sunday in MI! Jesus is the one who gave them to us. We feel so blessed and honored to have them in our home!<br><br>Since moving to Philly, we have been busy! We spent the first several days just getting settled in the house. We're close to being all done, but not completely there yet. Nick and Rosie love it. They love their rooms and have enjoyed the space. Oddly enough, they seem more used to our new city and house than me and Eddie.<br><br>Eddie had a job interview just two days after we arrived. He did so great in his interview and walked away that day with a job offer. He starts tomorrow. I'm probably more nervous than he is. I helped him get his suit all ready tonight. Maybe I'm a little cheesy, but it's all so exciting. The quickness of his job was just another confirmation that God has called us to this city and He will make a way for us! I'm still looking for a job, but I feel strongly that I am to enjoy this time unemployed. I hope to know more about a few prospects this week.<br><br>This new chapter of our lives is really unbelievable. God has been so faithful and active and I'm confident it's because there are so many hurting and broken and so many that we will get to share our hope with. I can't wait to begin sharing stories of lives that are being changed forever by the love of Jesus. The church won't be launching for a little while yet, but Eddie and I are already building relationships and looking for ways to see Jesus use us in our neighborhood.<br><br>I'm hoping to blog a lot more through this journey. It's fun for me and hopefully informational to those who care about us. Thanks for so many prayers and for supporting us through this transition. Great things are in store and I really can't wait to see what God does in the next season of the Galindo family!

Jennifer Galindo

I am a new resident of Philadelphia, mom & wife to an amazing family, and a team member for an upcoming church plant in South Philly!

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